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Interested in FORECLOSURE listings or need information about the housing market in Santa Cruz County?

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Understanding the Foreclosure Process and Options

When facing the foreclosure process the information can be overwhelming.

  • How do you know what your options are?
  • How do the new national and state laws affect you?
  • What is the best option for your individual circumstances?

    The Foreclosure Process and Timeline

    Strategies for keeping your home:

  • Refinancing your current loan or loans
  • Pay off the loan in full or a lesser agreed to amount by the bank
  • Reinstatement
  • Loan Modification or Loan Work Out
  • Forbearance
  • Bankruptcy

    You may be in a situation where keeping your home is not an option and the goal is to preserve your credit or stay in the home as long as possible.

    Strategies to sell or give up your home but avoid foreclosure:

  • Short Sale
  • Sale with Equity
  • Deed in Lieu
  • Selling the home on assumption
  • Foreclosure Scams nothing and risk severely damaging your credit and losing your home.

    A free, no obligation consultation can help you determine potential pros and cons of each option as they specifically relate to you and your needs.

    Based on the analysis of your current situation, goal for the future and the information you receive, you will leave the consultation with a clear idea of how to move forward and a plan of action.

    TAKE ACTION NOW and contact us today for your personalized consultation.