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7 Steps to Preparing for an Open House

  • 1. Hire a cleaning service. A spotlessly clean home is essential; dirt will turn off a prospect faster than anything.
  • 2. Mow your lawn, and be sure toys and yard equipment are put away.
  • 3. Serve cookies, coffee, and soft drinks. It creates a welcoming touch. But be sure the kitchen has been cleaned up; use disposable cups so the sink doesn't fill up.
  • 4. Lock up your valuables, jewelry, and money. Although the real estate salesperson will be on site during the open house, it's impossible to watch everyone all the time.
  • 5. Turn on all the lights. Even in the daytime, incandescent lights add sparkle.
  • 6. Send your pets to a neighbor or take them outside. If that’s not possible, crate them or confine them to one room (a basement or bath), and let the salesperson know where to find them.
  • 7. Leave. It's awkward for prospective buyers to look in your closets and express their opinions of your home with you there.