These two FREE special reports could save you thousands of dollars...

Squeezing Every Last Dollar
This report shows you how to make the most of your dollar! The secret to making top dollar when you sell your home isn't really a secret at all...I've been revealing it to my clients for some time. But because it involves a lot of discipline and elbow grease, many people decide to cut corners, and that's when the price you could command begins to drop.

Do not be one of those people. I've seen countless examples where well-considered, well-placed investments of time and a little money have dramatically improved the sales price and increased the speed in which a home has sold. Here are some ideas to help you with this process:
  • Spend time before you spend a dime
  • Planning is everything
  • Paint, Landscape
  • Don't neglect the minor details
  • Many, many more

29 Tips to Sell Fast
For most people, selling their home means cashing in their biggest asset. In other words, it must be handled with great care if you hope to protect and capitalize on your investment.

Here are 29 essential tips you must know:
  • Know why you are selling
  • Once you know, keep it to yourself
  • Do your homework before setting a price
  • Find a good Realtor
  • Many, many more