Top Ten Most Common Home Problems

In a recent survey the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) identified the most common home problems. It is interesting to note that four of the top ten problems involve water or moisture.

Surface Grading and Drainage -- By far the most common household aggravations including water penetration into the basement or crawl space.

Improper Electrical Wiring -- A number of respondents found this to be a significant defect. This includes such conditions as insufficient electrical service, inadequate overload protection and amateur wiring conditions.

Roof Damage -- Leaking roofs are a frequent problem. The cause...old or damaged roofing materials or improper flashing and drainage.

Heating Systems -- Defects include malfunctioning controls, blocked chimneys and unsafe exhaust practices.

Poor Maintenance -- Signs of poor maintenance include cracked, peeling or dirty painted surfaces; crumbling masonry; makeshift wiring or plumbing and broken fixtures and appliances.

Structural Problems -- This area includes damaged components like floor joists, foundation walls, roof rafters and window/door headers.

Plumbing -- Problems in the the plumbing arena include old distribution and waste lines as well as faulty fixtures.

Exterior -- These defects while not high on the list can lead to water and insect damage and can get expensive if left untreated. They include cracks in stucco siding, gaps in wood siding that require caulking and overall finish of the exterior surface (paint).

Poor Ventilation -- Today's tightly sealed homes have the potential for moisture related damages. Ventilation is important to keep the house functioning at optimal health.

Miscellaneous -- This category includes interior components that are basically cosmetic in nature. This includes minor cracks in drywall or plaster, poor paint and worn cabinetry to note a few.