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Take a tour of Boulder Creek and the surrounding areas of the San Lorenzo Valley here.

Beautiful Boulder Creek, California is located along Highway 9 in the heart of the Santa Cruz Mountains. The historical community dates back to the 1900's when the town was a major stop along the railroad track. The small-town, earthy community hosts year-round events, such as the Boulder Creek Art and Wine Festival and is proud of its heritage as a popular filming location for Hollywood movies and notorious stop along the railway. The downtown area itself is a historical landmark.

Folks travel to Boulder Creek from around California for white water rafting or kayaking. The popular day-long run starts in Boulder Creek and ends in Ben Lomond [link on site]. The entire run takes boaters over low-water dams and through class II, III, IV and V rapids. Boulder Creek itself has a huge network of waterways, including seven creeks: Malosky Creek, Kings Creek, Peavine Creek, Foreman Creek, Silver Creek, Two Bar Creek, and Bracken Brae Creek.

Boulder Creek also has its own National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena, which hosts UFO watches and studies all things unusual in the sky.

Boulder Creek itself is also a popular summertime destination, playing host to sunbathers, swimmers, boaters and the like. For those seeking a spiritual connection, Boulder Creek is home to the Vajrapani Institute for Wisdom and Culture, which is a Tibetan Buddhist retreat center located in the mountains.

Little People's School is a private elementary and middle school in Boulder Creek, educating about 50 students per year. Boulder Creek Elementary school is the public school for elementary and middle school students. Sweet Home is the private high school, educating only nine students per year.

There are about 4,000 residents spread across the approximately four square miles of Boulder Creek, with the average age being 38 years old. The average household income is about $66,000 per year.