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10 Warning Signs of Mold Problems in the Home

In this new real estate market, it is important to make sure the house is free and clear of any mold before listing it for sale.

  • Musty/mildew odors inside your home
  • Increased allergies and respiratory problems
  • Increased headaches, dizziness, difficulty concentrating, decreased attention span
  • Water staining on ceilings, flooring & wall systems
  • Peeling paint or wallpaper delaminating from substrates
  • Drywall tape separation from wallboard-drywall nails/screws beginning to show
  • Warped, cupping or buckling floors
  • Condensation build-up on interior windows, walls, etc.
  • Standing water in your crawl space or basement
  • The house just doesn't "feel" right. Unseen conditions

    Remember - Be Proactive, Not Reactive - It can save you thousands of dollars in structural damage and medical bills.